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Sophie <3 - 20 years old, Psychology and Criminology student, Aberystwyth Uni, I adore my family, friends and my boyfriend they mean the world to me. I'm no where close to being conventionally pretty but I dont care. Take me camping and I will love you for ever.


floral raccoon~i’ll be posting more—keep an eye out c;commissions are open

I think I’ve died and gone to art heaven



floral raccoon~
i’ll be posting more—keep an eye out c;
commissions are open

I think I’ve died and gone to art heaven

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one saturday, i won’t have anywhere to go.
at 9:07, i’ll find you next to me
kiss your forehead
and go back to sleep

one saturday, i’ll make a slow breakfast.
while you’re in the shower,
i’m making the coffee
and you’re slipping your arms around me

one saturday, we’ll be together.
wandering farmers markets
snapping pictures of each other,
sneaking kisses

one saturday, i’ll go to sleep.
knowing that life can’t get better
that i’m not dreaming
that i’m finally home.

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